MOD Announces Partnership with eSports Organization BOXR



We are excited to announce today our first sponsorship for MOD. BOXR, headed by Mohan ‘Launders’ Govindasamy, is a group of esports competitive players and content creators. BOXR is a global team, and has a great reputation in the industry.

We started MOD with the intention of helping esports competitive players and teams like BOXR grow, improve, and obtain consistency with their competitive play. To accomplish this we wanted to be transparent with our company, provide a product that is pure and unrivaled by anything else, and find good people who would represent our brand well. We have found that with BOXR.

Interview with BOXR Zhu at TwitchCon 2016.

The minute we saw and heard Launders we knew he would be a perfect fit. Even bigger, we felt like we had to prove our value to him rather than vice versa because Launders doesn’t just allow any sponsor. He has been consistent with his message, and he wanted BOXRs first sponsor to be a brand he believed in. We were ecstatic when we learned the guys at BOXR loved MOD, and were willing to accept us as their sponsor.

“The respect each member of BOXR has in the esports community is a huge value to us. ”

Official twitter of the eSports organization.

Our role with BOXR isn’t just a one off relationship. They are committed to making sure we offer the best product on the market for gamers. The respect each member of BOXR has in the esports community is a huge value to us. We look forward to helping them achieve their results and build upon their successes.

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